Saturday, 13 April 2013


I have resurrected my blog to iterate a state of being. I am transfixed, consumed and somewhat absorbed. It seems something has quite literally appeared and knocked me for six, abolishing my usual cynical reserve in favour of a bashful state of admiration. 

The Big Black Book of house Esquire. Stark, dominant and alarmingly enigmatic. A sultry matt charcoal skin houses brash white typography, tangible embossed graphics and a reminiscent oxblood spine. Defined as 'The Style Manual For Successful Men', this text is evidently a work of wonder and great wisdom. Edited by man of the world, Alex Bilmes, the book is a refined compilation of culture, from fashion to art, design to travel. Behold the modern guide to greatness. Contributors include Damien Hirst, John Banville, Tobias Meyer and Gandalf himself, Sir Ian McKellen, composing a library of engaging and tenaciously accomplished essays, retrospectives and visuals. 

I have long been an advocate of intelligent pros and provocative imagery, I enjoy being entertained, educated and enlightened. Half-hearted floury editorial is not for me, I have neither the desire or the inclination to read about the latest faux-pas's from Britain's increasingly vulgar population of Z-list celebrities, or master this season’s hottest perspex-clad two-piece bathing suits. No I like manly clarity and honesty. Yes I am a girl, but does that mean I lack the mental capacity to value intelligent, candid works of language? And for the above, I read Esquire, GQ, Dazed & Confused, AnotherMan and now it seems, The Big Black Book. 

I heartily recommend pages 91-98, 'BB Notes and Essays'. My favourite being a particularly accurate assessment of the lacking style credentials of modern Hollywood, by Alan Fusser. While 'What I've learned by Ralph Lauren', captures the easy magnificence of the iconic man behind the polo (pages 68-69). Equally so, 'DOWNRIVER', featuring my favourite male model, Werner Schreyer is well worth a prolonged glance (pages 70-84). And finally conclude with a hauntingly beautiful Annie Leibovitz shot of a young Michael Jackson and accompanying anecdote from the director of Military Tailoring at Gieves & Hawkes, Savile Row. Excellent.

Esquire I salute you, what a glorious piece of publishing. 


p.s. Going forward I'm hoping to post on a more regular basis, probably with a heavy emphasis on art/fashion/music/film with a more editorial view, rather than OOTD posts, which admittedly make me feel like a bit of a lettuce! Obviously fashion and my style will still come into play, but I would really like to ramp up the journo element of Fashion Dictionary Kid. Hope that works for you guys. 

p.s.s Hello to the new GTC followers, THANK-YOU so much for following my blog, it's extremely generous and really lovely.