Tuesday, 1 January 2013


NYE 2012

So it's New Years Day, the 1st of January 2013. This means two things, I have been on this fair earth for almost 23 years and also, the world did not in fact end in 2012. Excellent news.

Happy New Year lovely people, did you have an adequately messy and eventful celebration? Was there shock couple-ings, drunken revelations and random nudity? No? Me neither, I went to the local, played 6 games of bingo and drank far too many £1.25 Vodka Diet Cokes. It was mega. Aside from the moment when it appeared obtaining a taxi was near-impossible and walking home was unavoidable. Fast-forward to my brisk march home and collapse fully-clothes into bed. Yes I live life on the edge. Now before brash judgments are formed, doubting my credibility to party like a G, because yes I can kick it, let me explain why I chose to stay local and pretty tame. I always spend NYE with my best pal, Michael, and after many failed NYE attempts at various hip drinking establishments in the West Yorkshire area, we came to the conclusion family, cheap and fast-following alcohol and un-pretentious  venues are the key. Long live the local Social Club.

I wore my new H&M boucle wool & leather dress with a pair of incredibly uncomfortable high black courts. I also took along my trusty Allsaints wool Military Trench coat and Mulberry Mitzy tote. I wore   my usual loose curls with the front sections of my hair clipped back behind my ears, I really like the chic, minimal quality of this style. I'm not a fan of fussy styles or accessories, so I tend to rely on plaits and Kirby grips to change-up my look.

Here are few shots from the night, yet again I got a little snap and Instagram happy. Follow me @ Lauren Lizzi Innes


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