Friday, 14 December 2012


This evening I'm hitting the flicks with the papa, we are of course going to The Hobbit. A film I have eagerly anticipated since the final scenes of The Return of the King, when my papa cheerfully informed me, Peter Jackson (Director) planned to start work almost immediately on the prequel. That would of course turn out to be a slightly optimistic take on the situation, but here we are December 2012 and I am giddy like Gollum with the one true ring (not the first time I've uttered those words today)


And now, I realise this blog has been somewhat devoid of Christmas themed cheer, content and appropriate goodies, well let me apologise, but say, I do have a suitable plan in mind. As I'm close to 50 followers (how did this happen?) and haven't yet suitably rewarded my loyal readers, during January I'll be launching a rather cool giveaway. Now the semantics are still to be ironed out, but bear with me kids, because good things come to those who wait. 

In the meantime, check out the gorgeously animated Burberry digital Christmas card, titled A Festive Night at Burberry 121 Regent Street. Super magical, Bailey you prince.

While on the subjects of that fine British institution that is Burberry, I recently came across the Burberry Acoustic sessions (here) which showcase up-coming British musicians performing against the back-drops of their hometown country-scapes. Check out the likes of Jake Bugg, Josh Beech & The Johns and The Heartbreaks demonstrating just why we require a 'Great' before Britain. I've selected The Heartbreaks performing Delay Delay on the rather damp shores of Morecambe Beach, partly because I rather adore the track and partly because the leader singer has a pretty epic bowl-cut.

The Heartbreaks - Delay Delay (Burberry Acoustic) 2011


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