Sunday, 9 December 2012


Jacket: Owain, Allsaints (similar here) - Khaki Shirt: New Look (here) - Jeans: Jamie, Topshop (here) - Boots: Bonny Cuban, Allsaints (here) - Bag: Bayswater, Mulberry (similar here) - Scarf: Primark

What a delightful day of shopping, label discovery & supremely enjoyable family time. Bright and early this morning I set off for Leeds with the mother and papa. Aims included indulging my papa in his favourite pastime of brogue & Belstaff acquisition, attempting to interpret the mothers mixed signals and therefore secure her a stella Christmas present from her beloved and generally enjoy each others company. We've been so busy of late it's rare to find a Sunday where we can be together and just hang. My parents are hilarious and so informed and intelligent, I treasure time spent together. Avoiding all Walton-esque cliches, my papa is nothing if not infectiously cynical, but today we seemed to whizz from shop to pub, to shop, laughing, admiring and generally having a jolly good time. 

Dear lord I sound very humanitarian in the above paragraph, slightly unsettling. Disregard it and hope never to encounter soft, humble Lauren again. If this were a video I would flash scenes of bitch fights, mean girls & shivering puppies before continuing with the post, subliminally restoring the balance.

Pretty Green, Leeds

As initially referenced my papa is somewhat of a connoisseur of premium brands. Unlike many Yorkshiremen his age, he's fully versed in the likes of Belstaff, Church's & Joseph Cheaney. I think I get my love of labels from him, his enjoyment and passion for apparel is adorable and something we've spent eons discussing, exploring and indulging. It is however something of a sticking point when he waltzers down to the local, kitted out in his new Alexander McQueen trainers and his pals fail to notice to pristine electric blue leather and shiny metal logo. I tell him not to be disheartened, the men of our village aren't known for their knowledge of luxury designer brands. 

I'm a huge fan of the Pretty Green label (founded by Manc front-man, Liam Gallagher), the Paul Weller collaboration of SS11 was genius and the brand continues to embody cool, retro modernity as it's finest. The Leeds store opened a few months ago and seems to be thriving, housed in the innately grand Victoria Quater, the store is decorated in a mix of heritage and theatrical magic. Leather lazyboys sit directly beneath glittering candelabras, while huge baroque mirrors and indulgent portraits of Gallagher himself grace the Paisley-printed walls. It's very cool and terribly rock'n'roll. I found myself inducting the papa into the world of Green today, ushering him through the door into a world of melodic, fine fashion. He instantly fell for the place, dashing around like a kid in a very large, very impressive sweet shop. The staff were amazing and added to the original vibe of the store, schooling us  on the inspiration behind the brand and what's set to come with the SS13 collection. Needless to say my papa invested and will no doubt be returning to establish his regular-shopper-status, he's a sucker for shops where the staff know his name and welcome him back with open arms. This may be the reason his wardrobe is bulging with Belstaff & Penguin buys from Accent, home to some of the most passionate sales guys in Leeds. 

We also took an indulgent turn round Church's, in my opinion the finest brogue-makers on this fair, green Earth. We've been searching for a pair of Goodyear Welted, Oxblood brogues for while and Church's seem to dominate the field. I found the most amazing burnt tan pair with an equally impressive price-tag of £1200, which I'm not sure I could allow my papa to leave the house in, let alone wear round the village pubs on a Friday night. So beautiful and so blooming expensive. I can dream. 

Today's ensemble was dominated by the lovely printed cotton scarf I scored from Primark for a ridiculously, bargainous price of £3 and while it's unlike it will win any prizes for warmth insulation or wind-withstand-ability, the striped, jungle-esque print is extremely pleasing and quite statement-capable. I wore my new Allsaints Bonny Cuban boots again because quite frankly they haven't left my feet since Wednesday and I love them lots. Other items you are no doubt already acquainted with, my vintage Allsaints Owain jacket & conker Bayswater, I promise to switch it up a bit in the coming posts, may even don a dress, wooahhh, calm down, shocking I know. Almost as shocking as the fact I am apparently now eligible to start re-paying my student loan, yes like I said, almost as shocking. 

Today's selection comes from Irish rocker, Van Morrison, a relic of my childhood. I've been listening to Morrison's gravelly tones since I was in the cradle and my papa was in severe need of escape from my apparent incessant crying, I'm told the minute 'Wild Night' hit my ears, calm and peace were restored. Enjoy.

Van Morrison - Wild Night (1971)



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