Tuesday, 25 December 2012


 Coat: Alpha, Allsaints (similar here) - Bag: Mitzy Tote, Mulberry (here) - Boots: Hessian, Allsaints (here)

That's my sister

Merry Christmas you lovely people, may the season bring you lashings of festive cheer.

So currently stuffed like a Christmas bird, prone to nodding off and surveying my bounty of delights. Santa was good to me this year indeed. A shiny new Mulberry Mitzy tote, Harvey Nichols vouchers, fashion literature, a years supply of Sherbet Lemons and boat-loads of socks and knickers.

Today I was tasked with cooking the Christmas dinner, something you will not be surprised, that was met with much cynicism. The family doubted my abilities, well foolish people, now you sit contentedly full and beaming with admiration, yes my garlic and mustard roast potatoes were a revelation and yes, you may continue with your praise. Check out my efforts. The pudding was an indulgence from M&S, 14 fine pounds that beauty cost me and wasn't it pretty. Now I hate to confess, after the 4th mouthful I had to retire from the field and admit defeat, just too rich and alcohol-sodden. I know what you're thinking, amateur, and you're right. I am so ashamed.

I plan to spend the rest of the evening sampling the televisonal-delights pre-set in our Sky+ box. Doctor Who was outstanding, Matt Smith you are not my favourite Doctor, but you will do nonetheless. Now currently watching Call the Midwife, which will be followed by the Downton Christmas special, jolly good fun.

As you can see, I thought myself a modern-day Bailey today, with my hourly updates on Instagram, you can follow my thrilling antics @laurenlizziinnes

Today's musical offerings comes from Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Firstly I would like to state my appreciation of the original track. The new version is undoubtedly hauntingly-beautiful, but for me Frankie knows best.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power of Love (1984)


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  1. The bag is gorgeous!


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