Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints (similar here) - Jumper: Limited Edition Collection, Marks & Spencer (similar here) - Shirt: H&M Trend (similar here) - Jeans: Verne Ashby, Allsaints (here) - Boots: Hobo, Allsaints (similar here) - Bag: DKNY (similar here) - IPhone case: Marc Jacobs (similar here) 

This is Sunday's outfit, worn for shopping & gossiping in Manchester with my best pal, Miss Danielle Burkey. I took these pics while taking a break from sale browsing in Reiss, I think the mirrored room made for some pretty rad shots, uber fashion-cool. It was relatively mild and so I decided to wear my trusty Allsaints, Owain Leather Jacket with winter layers. My jumper is from the Limited Edition Collection at Marks & Spencer. I think I've mentioned it before to be honest, it was around £35 and is a gorgeous mix of soft wool yarns and weaves. I really like the dynamic of the over-size shirt underneath, it gives a cool preppy/androgynous vibe, which I am eternally seeking. Teamed with my Allsaints Verne Ashby's, which can be relied on to look adequately rock'n'roll when ever pulled from my wardrobe and my lace-up brogue boots, also Allsaints (of course). 

I love Manchester, it's such a cool, cosmopolitan city, brimming with culture and identity. Visiting Danielle is always a complete delight, since graduation and the departure from our university house, we try to talk at least every 2 weeks and meet-up whenever we can. Obviously as we're separated by the significant land mass that are the Pennines, hanging out isn't as easy as it once was. A 4 hour round-trip is significantly different from crossing the hallway and bursting into each-others rooms, but honestly it's a test of a great friendship. We treasure the time spent together and utter around 10 words per second. Speed talking is a talent developed over years of avoiding disapproving looks from Branding lecturers as they turned to the 100th slide in their presentation. I do not lie, branding is evidently a subject without exhaustible definition. We ate at The Alchemist, where the imagination quite literally runs wild, I mean my meal was delivered in a wire basket resembling a chicken, amazing. Definitely worth a visit for those of you in the vicinity.

Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints (similar here) - Grey Marl Boy Tee: Topshop (here) - Jeans: Jamie, Topshop (similar here) - Boots: Hessian, Allsaints (here) - Vintage Fur Collar - Vintage Wool Check Scarf (similar here) - Bag: Mitzy Tote, Mulberry (here)

This is today's selection for sale shopping with the Mother. Honestly I expected pandemonium when I stepped onto Briggate this morning, yet town (Leeds) seemed relatively quiet. With the exceptions of Topshop, which was brimming with kids in bottom-eating denim shorts, tights & Vans (seriously, this is NOT a winning look guys) and Office that resembled hell on earth, we had a pretty stress-free shopping experience. However I will admit, hot-spots such as Next and Zara were avoided like the plague, in the words of my fair Mother, "I would rather chew off my own arm than fight for a £10 saving on last seasons fashion". Today's task was to start assembling a work-wardrobe for my snazzy new job in Marketing... Yes, kids, I have a new job and I am in constant state of awe, wonder, shock and gratitude. On the 7th January 2012, I''ll be joining Savvy Marketing as an Account Executive and I am blooming ecstatic. Savvy is a truly amazing agency with some fantastic clients, so as you can imagine I'm eagerly awaiting my start, I will no doubt be mentioning my work in future posts, so watch out. On the apparel-front, I picked up a darling Topshop checked red kilt skirt, perfect with a Breton or Khaki shirt. The most amazing and bargainous Paul Smith Black Label tee from Harvey Nichols, a Boucle wool with Leather-trim dress from H&M and 2 pair of Marks & Spencer Autograph shoes, a pair of Blue Suede Chain-detail Courts and a pair of Blacked Fringed Leather Loafers. I also found a gorgeous Reiss Leather skirt on Ebay the other day which is winging it's way to me. I picture my work-wardrobe as a mix of slick tailoring, edgey designs and cool luxury basics, preferably paired with shoes I can walk in and dresses that don't starve my brain of oxygen and therefore promote free-thinking. That sounds about right, doesn't it?

Style wise, the only remarkable piece of today's look was my collar/scarf pairing. I recently saw a post where Lily of LLYMLRS layered a wool checked scarf underneath a coat for a different, yet toasty look and decided to give it ago. I also wore my brown Fur collar, which is a great shape and makes me free very Marianne Faithfull. I love the retro-hippy vibe Fur collars give and the fact you can style-up different pieces to create new looks without constantly having to reinvest in outerwear-real estate. Something so not my style.

Music today, comes from the idol that is Jarvis Cocker, a man who holds a special place in my heart. His ironic and endearing verses are terribly cynical and un-effectively cool and I'm a sucker for his monotone vocals. I Never Said I Was Deep, is taken from the 2009 album, Further Complications. Seriously buy it now clever people, it's cultural gold.

Jarvis Cocker - I Never Said I Was Deep, Further Complications (2009) 



  1. You look so pretty! congrats on the new job.
    Hope you had a lovely christmas.

  2. Thanks Lisa, your comments are always lovely. Ditto on the xmas front, hope Santa was good to you :)



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