Sunday, 23 September 2012


Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints
Tee: Topshop
Jeans: Petrel Brodies, Allsaints
Leopard-print loafers: Ebay
Choker neck-cuff: Primark
Rings: Topshop

Shots from yesterday's adventures with former FMP & out-and-out epic-girl Lauren Theo. If asked to name one single factor that contributed to my pretty-killer degree, it would be the unending support and sheer determination of Theo. 16 hour days in the library, 4 hours sleep, the desire to murder print-assistants at Staples, this girl was by my side through it all, making the experience just about bearable. She is what would be traditionally referred to as a 'good' friend, a modern day Samaritan in skinnies. Since our graduation we've been separated by approximately 300 miles of motorway (myself in Leeds and Theo in Milton Keynes), but as a major catch-up was required and my holiday was coming to end, Saturday, 22nd September 2012 was named as D-day (the D standing for date, of course).

We ate (twice), drank, shopped and gossiped. Kyle, Theo's fella even tagged along, we discussed the finer points of retail store design while wondering round Topshop. I moaned on about the failings of narrow stock-rooms while Kyle tore holes into Arcadia's choice of shoddy fixture materials (harsh, poor Mr Green). Apparently Primark have recently invested in an impressive array of premium pieces of store furniture for the main flagship branches, Leeds is yet to receive such treatment (typical).

 The two L's

 A cocktail named, The Bob Marley, GENIUS

Standard Norman's fair

And on to the ensemble, as the snazzy Leopard print loafers had arrived by the time I returned from Harrogate (don't ya know - I can't help it, I apologise), I felt an almost magnetic need to don and adventure. I found them on ebay for the bargainous price of £14.99, a dramatic difference from the identical Office ones, coming in at a cool £50. While I doubt they''ll become my most comfiest item of footwear, the black tassels are beyond cute, the shape pleasing and the graphic print rather nice. As you can see yesterday wasn't a day for outfit innovation, Petrel Brodies (Allsaints) were a must, as was my favourite grey boy-tee (Topshop), completed with my studded (Allsaints) leather jacket. I also wore a neck-cuff I found in the Primark sale, although I doubt it will see the light of day again too soon, as the heavy metal frame caused some pretty unsightly bruisers to my chest. Attractive.



Allsaints Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign Film

So I've discussed the entirely epic Allsaints Autumn/Winter 12 collection before. Firstly because it's the definition of modern, British fashion, fact, secondly I work for the terribly cool institution that is Allsaints and so have a devout loyalty to the brand and thirdly, and probably most significantly the Autumn/Winter collection marks a rebirth for the savvy design house, something I feel is essential to discuss.

As an ardent admirer then loyal employee, innovation is something I strongly associate with Allsaints. At work we're told that innovation and individuality is the key to growth and success, it's a personal and ambitious line to take. From the directors to the part-time sales staff, we're committed and inspired, working for Allsaints isn't just an occupation, it's an affiliation. Simply put, we love everything our brand stands for. We're hungry, bold, original and tenacious, and yes we are very British. That drive and audacity is ingrained in everything we do as a brand, seen the Basement Sessions? Cool, edgy and sodden with talent. Met our staff? Visually stunning, innovative and creatively-enthused. Owner of a piece or two? Consummately the finest articles of British industry. 

Now I'll get down from my soap box, as I'm sure you guys have been convinced of my allegiance, and get back to the case in hand. Presenting the campaign video celebrating the Autumn/Winter 12 collection. Firstly, have you seen it? If not, kindly scroll you mouse back up to the top of the page and view 2 minutes of ice-cool fashion ferocity. Done? Excellent, now to discuss. The campaign video, which will hit cinema screens shortly, follows 11 powerhouses of creative innovation and identity. Featuring a model, artist, violinist, Dazed & Confused editor, ballerina, film director, poet, musical duo and master entertainer, the film documents the terribly cool journeys of these beacons of British style, congregating in a final scene positively bursting with attractiveness and charisma. Decked out in the gorgeous Autumn/Winter 12 collection, the film makes a bold, unswerving statement of originality, modernity and vibrant identity.

Check it out.


Saturday, 22 September 2012


Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints
Jumper: Jonathan Saunders
Shirt: Trend, H&M
Jeans: Petrel Brodies, Allsaints
Boots: Ranch Low Cowboy, Allsaints

Snaps from Friday's visit to Harrogate (don't ya know). Wintery would describe the climate, hence the heavy leather, layered knits & ankle boots. Coincidentally I also purchased some red wool gloves and a cute ink wool-mix jumper with appliqued elbow pads. This is surely a sign of things to come. Yes kids, it's gonna get cold, VERY COLD.

p.s. big shout out to my delightful cousin, Ema and her fine photography skills. You rule cuz.



 Coat: Alpha, Allsaints
Jeans: Topshop
Blouse: Primark
Boots: Hessian, Allsaints

Jenna H (isn't she a cutie and so stylish, LOVE the neck-candy)

Somewhat delayed post of Thursday's adventures. Apologies, I've been visiting the fam in Harrogate (don't ya know *something I feel the need to utter every time I refer to that terribly posh corner of Yorkshire), coincidentally, the post documenting those adventures will directly follow this one.

So Thursday, Manchester, an attempt at securing a job in PR/marketing/branding. I accompanied my good friend and former university tutor, Jenna, to Manchester to attend a PR and marketing talk, then recruitment fair organised by The Manchester Fashion Network. The Network is a brilliant concept and excellent advertisement for the flourishing creative industries up north. As well as networking events and recruitment workshops, MFN also plays host to a variety of industry speakers sharing pearls of business and promotional wisdom, on a monthly basis. In May, I met Disney Roller Girl, aka Navaz Batliwalla, who gave a superb talk on blogging and the rise of social media. Thursday's talk centered around PR and marketing, designed to give an insight into the practices and structure of the industry. The seminar was hosted by Helen of Echo PR and Emma from Harvey Nichols and I found it interesting and insightful. By a spin of fate, I ended up chatting with Helen and mentioned that I was a manager at Allsaints, enter invitation to a pretty sick collection launch party at the newly opened Spinningfields store, and before we knew it we were sipping Mango & Passion Fruit Kopparberg Cider and listening to Eugene McGuiness and eyeing up Tim Burgess pre-set. It 
was amazing.

Apparel-wise, it was beyond chilly, hence the need for my new Allsaints Ink wool over-coat. Styled with Topshop black skinnies, a navy lace shirt & my ever faithful Allsaints Chelsea boots. Winter seems to have firmly hit, forget a mild autumn, I can whole-heartily predict an icy November, snowy December and wet January. Mark my words, tights are here to stay and fine-wool gloves a must. 

Eugene McGuiness, former set-musician with Miles Kane, was ridiculously good! Prior to the gig, I was vaguely acquainted with his set, post-gig I'm pretty obsessed. Album downloaded, Spotify-ied star-ed, I think I may have a new idol. Also thread-wise, his style was the definition of slick. I suspect he was appareled in the autumn/winter 2012-13 collection, fine merino roll-neck knit, sharp charcoal chino's and shiny winkle-pickers. Pretty darn dapper. Set-wise, the music was brilliant, envision cool indie with a slick 1960's vibe. Check out the shots I snapped from my near-touching-distance spot stage left, intimate invite-only gigs are the best!


Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Pringle of Scotland Spring 2013

Well this is nice isn't it? Very prim, proper and particularly pretty. For a brand devoid of Creative Director, news had broken announcing Alistair Carr's swift departure to the top job at McQ, Pringle produced a pretty consummate collection. Now let's not kid ourselves with declarations of innovation or ground-breaking design because neither of those factors were evident, the Spring 12 collection is however extremely stylish and chic. I simply adore the sleek, tailored lines, preppy rolled-sleeves and sophisticated fine Cashmere knits. The colours are feminine, yet contemporary, designs, modern yet tempered with a cool 1950's edge. Pringle appeals to the devout minimalist in me, structured, elegant and evidently luxurious in softened tones of lilac, daffodil, electric blue and jet black. Lovely.



Monday, 17 September 2012


 Peter Pilotto Spring 2012 RTW

When I attempt to describe the brilliance of Peter Pilotto particularly fragrant, tangible words come to mind. Delicious, decadent and dramatic. Colours are passionate and bold, fabrics, technically brilliant and shapes innovative, progressive and vivaciously stylish. Pilotto pieces are unashamedly iconic, be they dress, cigarette pant or peplum fitted blouse. His prints represent the pure excellence of high-end fashion, modern yet classic, mature yet fresh and fun. I adore Pilotto as a designer, for me he represents something extremely creative but also quite classical within fashion. His designs are the concoction of powerfully, beautiful prints and feminine, wistful shapes. Spring 2012 illustrates how fresh, innovative fashion can also adopt flattering and feminine shapes. Pretty doesn't seems to describe the elegance of the shapes Pilotto has created, but it's the word that comes to mind. Pencil skirts, statement shoulders, wrap bodices and gladiator-style embellished sandals. As to be expected when discussing Peter Pilotto, the colours that make the Spring 2012 collection so striking are fresh, electric and stimulating. Envision a palette of lime green, blue, optic white, fuchsia and burnt orange. Stimulating, inspiring and exhilarating. Simply outstanding.

Felder Felder Sprint 2012 RTW

I'm a fan of Felder Felder, it's elegant, lean and prettily feminine. Shapes are sleek, tailored and minimal.  Colours, powdered perfection tinged with translucent nudes, blacks and royal blues. Textures, mirroring the following lines of the shapes, silk, quilted taffeta and sways of chiffon. Styling is chic and simplistic, a diamond-stitch quilt, silk sleeve turn-up, delicate lace trim and high Mandarin collar. For those unacquainted with the Felder twins, they are tall, long-limped blondes, who have in the past been accused of designing for themselves, i.e. billowing pant styles, impossibly long bodies, drop waists and evening-length blazer jackets. And while I don't doubt this collection was also developed on a studio dummy with super proportions, the addition of wearable separates and waist-oriented focal points, has birthed a rather comprehensive collection. The Spring 13 offerings are minimally chic, simplicity at it's purest form. Embellishment is not heavily adorned, shapes are not layered and built-up and theater and decadence is somewhat devoid. And yet the collection achieves on it's most basic of principles, the clothes are wearable and interchangeable. For me high-fashion can be one of two things, it can be dramatic, daring and decadent, a performance of creativity and art channeled into the ensembles paraded down a catwalk, alternatively it can be relevant, wearable and modern. While by no means are these two elements mutually exclusive, you will find the majority of designers can be categorised away. Felder Felder falls into the latter of the two camps. Something a fashion brand should never be afraid of.




Dress: COS
Triangle pendent: H&M
Watch: Folli Follie
Leather bracelet: Pandora
Rings: Topshop
Dock Street Market, Leeds

Lunch and an extremely speedy catch-up with A.Whiting, a man I take great pleasure in continually teasing using the ever-irritant age card. He's actually yet to reach 30, but I enjoy referring to his approaching OAP status nonetheless. Apparently throwing in the occasional "gurl" and "shizzle" confirms ones social-relevance and position as "down with the kids". I'm doubtful on this count. 

Originally planning to frequent Pin Bar, our plans we somewhat derailed when on arrival the lights were off and no-one was home. Dock Street Market was 5 meters down the road, so we high-tailed it back towards Granary Wharf and grabbed a table. On sitting down, Whiting broke a chair, confirmation of his ticking biological clock, limbs having a mind of their own. Nightmare. Let's hope he pays little attention to this blog, I'm not sure he would appreciate my sentiments to his age in print. Lunch was stacked CLT (remove the Bacon from BLT and add Chicken) toasted sandwiches and Gerkin & Pate topped slices of granary toast. Very trendy and pretty tasty. 

I've been dying for an occasion to wear my new COS printed shift dress, it's not skin-flashing enough for night-time adventures but possibly too dressy for day-time errands, hence city-lunching, the perfect opportunity. I adore the graphic charcoal and misty-grey print, it's a sort of digitalised animal style design, quite reminiscent of some gorgeous prints Matthew Williamson did a few years ago. The fabric is a heavy cotton which lends itself to the Flamenco-style sleeves and bell-shape body. I think this is an illustration of the quality of COS pieces, cheaper brands wouldn't use such heavy cottons and would therefore loose the striking, stiff shape that makes this dress so special. A die-hard advocate of COS, yeah you could say that. Accessorised with a simple gold pendent necklace and the usual Topshop rings. As it was quite nippy outside I also grabbed my tapestry & stud adorned Allsaints leather Owain jacket. Finishing the look with black Allsaints Chelsea boots and a rather battered Allsaints tote bag. 


Sunday, 16 September 2012


This is what one could call a menagerie post. The point of which, to acquaint you lovely people with the adventures of my weekend. It's been a positive world-wind. Sunshine, lashings on SoCo, tanning, lunching, jiving, followed by drunken stumbling, standard.

Let's begin, Friday commenced with a relaxed breakfast affair with the parents, poached eggs on toast, smoked salmon, freshly squeezed OJ, all terribly sophisticated and posh. After breakfast that spilled into lunch, I reserved to be out of the checked flannel pajamas and into a relatively summer-oriented ensemble, check out my previous post for a goosey gander. Moving into the evenings engagements, I found myself at our golf club for a family friends birthday party. I absolutely adore my parents group of friends, which in turn have birthed a gang of kids (myself and my sister included) who will forever be bound by a sense of our pretty blissful, and very free, shared youth. The golf club has witnessed countless celebrations over the years, which ultimately end with the hard spirits coming out around 12am and shots following, thick and fast. Dance-offs and group renditions of Brit-pop anthems are also firm favourites. On the style front, I wore my new H&M Trend mint green shift dress with a skater kick-flair trim and Allsaints Chelsea boots. My hair was the usual glossy, messiness and make-up pretty minimal. See collection of delightful party snaps.

Dress: H&M
Boots: Hessian, Allsaints

Saturday, my adorable Granny hosted myself and my two lovely cousins for lunch in the garden. It was gorgeously sunny and the legendary woman that is my cute-as-a-button, Grandma served up comfort food, Yorkshire Tea & chockies. Yum. After the Grannies, I met a friend for drinks on The Calls in Leeds, forced him to get  barnet chop (it was more than required) and generally spent the afternoon embracing day-time spirit consumption. I am truly taking the concept of being on my jollies to heart. This may however conclude with hard gym sessions to correct my naughtiness. I wore the PERFECT grey boy tee I picked up last week in H&M, tucked into my new ASOS Aztec printed silk skirt and trusty Allsaints Chelsea boots (god, I really need to step away from these bad boys, item over-kill). I love the potential of luxury basics and statement pieces to create laid-back, yet stylish looks. I will never been one of those pristine women, the embodiment of grooming excellence, but I might just been a bit cool, individual and style-savvy.
Boy tee: H&M
Aztec printed silk skirt: ASOS
Tote bag: Allsaints
Silver rings: Azendi

Knitted vest: New Look
Levi's cut-offs: Best Vintage
Belt: Vintage (stolen from the mother)
Pointed courts: Topshop

Saturday PM, partying with my pal Laura (she's actually my boss, yet also a good-time kindred spirit) in Leeds. We started at the Electric Press just off Millennium Square, it houses top Rev's, All Bar One and a champers hangout, it's pretty swanky and chic. R&B essentials, cold Vodka & SoCo, amazing. We danced, gossiped, drunk and I had my bottom grabbed on countless occasions, obviously the vintage Levi's shorts I rocked inspired something very odd in the men of Leeds last night, blooming perverts.Finally finding ourselves on Call Lane around 2am, we visited Fibre (camp as a row of tents), Norman's (as always), Brooklyn (ghetto-fabulous) and finally Neon Cactus (somehow always full of fit men). By 4.30, my feet were screaming blue murder, so we popped to Subway, (surely better than Mackie-D's?) and hauled a taxi home. Tucked up in bed by 5am, there is a possibility I am getting too old for this, bags under eyes, deathly palor to skin, fake-tan & Liz Earle STAT. So the apparel, as referenced I wore my vintage Levi's cut-off shorts (they are bottom revealers when combined with my energetic approach to dancing), a lovely vintage snake-skin tan belt, knitted neon vest and some rather provocative, black suede pointed courts.

This weekend was a hoot, although now I sit exhausted, flannel jim-jams on, watching Downton Abbey (YESSSS, it's back). Agenda for the following week, hit the gym hard, avoid deserts and alcohol, and attempt not to visit H&M, Harvey Nichols or Allsaints.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Boucle wool jacket: H&M
White vest: H&M
Tropical print trousers: Primark
Tote bag: Allsaints
Ballet pumps: Office

I'm now on my jollies, cue epic celebration and continuous rounds of applause. Nine blissful days of outfit planning, lunching with friends, night-time adventures, chilling with the fam and generally kicking back. I'm so excited. I'm desperate to get some denim-shorts clad days in prior to the October downpours and frosty winter months, so fingers crossed the weather gods see fit to grace us with some decent days before I have to return to the day-job.

This is yesterdays look, my trusty Boucle wool H&M jacket, the ever humble, yet essential white vest, a pair of rather fruity tropical printed PJ-style pants, black ballet pumps and my favourite Allsaints studded tote bag. These trousers are ridiculously comfy, bordering on nightwear-comfortable. My only complaint could be their tendency to grow loose with wear and the need to hike them up every 10 minuets or so, aside from that I think they're pretty darn fancy and fun summer piece. Roll on the next 9 days of fashion frolicking. 


p.s keep your eyes peeled for my LFW commentary. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


A boy's girl, something I continually attempt to convince people that I in fact am. Just this morning I spent several rapid text messages reinforcing my belief to a certain male of my acquaintance. His response was a resounding disagreement followed by the statement "You're a girls, girl. You just don't realise you are". He's wrong of course. Now while I've began by confirming my place in society, I will not get what some may call the "bloody point". As avid readers of this blog (if they in fact actually exist) will know, I border from devout minimalist to occasional advocate of androgyny. Fussy, prissy, girlie-tat just ain't my bag. Hot pink accessories with bejeweled and lace detailing can literally send me heading for the hills, declaring my love of all things simple and uncomplicated. Apart from a contemporary, clean personal style I'm also a rather energetic fan of high-end menswear. Sharp tailoring, dapper heritage accessories and brogues that shiny facial features can be seen, yes I get a little bit excited by such things. Personally the latest shocking tangerine ridden ensemble from the cast of Towie isn't what I would refer to as 'news-worthy' or remotely interesting, however Gregory Peck's catalogue of style supremacy or Christopher Bailey's latest sartorial debuts, the now we're cooking with gas.

Moving me swiftly onto today's fine post topic, GQ's Men of Year Awards 2012. GQ the bible of all things masculine cool, rad, epic and dazzlingly dapper, names a set of men (and one woman, the vivacious Miss Rey) each year, revered as icons of their fields. From actors, to journalists, writers to musicians, the 2012 honours list is all terribly smooth, intellectually challenging and female swoon-inducing. Now personally I don't read GQ to check out the talent, that would be rather pathetic and slightly sad, but I can imagine certain demographics of the female readership (which is quite substantial) would see the hallowed pages of Gentleman's Quarterly as a playground for the finest specimens of the male species. Michael Fassbender, John Slattery and Alex Skarsgard, I trust you catch my drift? Having been a fully fledged subscriber since last December, GQ is undoubtedly my favourite magazine. Yes I like and obviously read Vogue, Dazed, Tatler and Wonderland, but GQ (swiftly followed by Esquire) is the magazine I eagerly await month after month. Aside from the amazing visuals, Jo Levin (Creative Fashion Director) you never fail to impress, the editorial is top notch. I like the honest, plain as day approach to journalism, tinged with an electrifying sense of dark humour and over-whelming presence of intelligence, reading a GQ article is like kicking back with an old friend. Entertaining, natural and with the potent ability to shock your little cotton socks off.

Check out the simply perfect limited edition covers for the October issue. My favourite? Gotta be John Slattery, the silver fox of American dramatic excellence. Michael Fassbender is a close second, just because he's very pretty and extremely talented, plus no-one quite rocks Tom Ford like him.



Monday, 10 September 2012


Blouse: H&M
Jeans: Jamie, Topshop
Boots: Hessian, Allsaints
Rings: Topshop
Triangle pendent: H&M

Accidentally stumbled into H&M after my horridly exhausting gym session this morning, needless to say the Trend department sale took a particular bashing, I canny help myself when it comes to luxury, tailored basics. I LOVE H&M trend, it's the sophisticated, minimal side of the brand, very Swedish and very simple. Honestly it's quite similar to Cos (the brands are owned by the same parent company, so this makes sense), although Trend does tend to be it's slightly cheaper, shirts are around £30 to £40 with dresses ranging from £50 to £60. I don't really shop within the Divided and denim departments of H&M, I find Divided very trendy and immature and the H&M denim seems to be developed around 6ft 2 Amazonian-types with legs like telephone poles, my legs are more like bread-sticks. Colours are somewhat muted and natural in the Trend department and fabrics are noticeably more premium and quality. Basically a pretty cool destination for timeless, minimal pieces that don't cost the earth. FYI if you're checking the collection out, Trend pieces have pale pink labels with white branding. 

Alongside this mocha (I say mocha but I think it's more of a mink/coral blend) blouse, I scored a mint, drop-waist skater dress (see pic), the PERFECT grey marl v-neck boy-tee and a chiffon white paneled shirt with Mandarin collar. Each piece was half price and were things I saw and admired on my last visit to Manchester, plus as part of my bid to stop purchasing trend-led fast-fashion, I think they're pretty classic, wardrobe essentials. Currently planning ensembles and excursions as we speak (blog). I'm visiting Whitby with my gorgeous cuz Em, on Friday and am thinking the mint skater dress my plus Allsaints cowgirl-style ankle boots equals a cracking, summer look. Keep ya' eyes pealed for the post.