Thursday, 30 August 2012


Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints
Shirt: Jonathan Saunders (capsule collection for Debenhams)
Jeans: Jamie, Topshop
Boots: Hessian, Allsaints
Chain: Primark
Rings: Topshop
Watch & bracelet as before

Today I spent the day with my boy BFF, Mike Hill. We've been fast-friends since our eyes locked across a crowded youth-club sports hall when we were 10, and 12 years later he's still putting up with me. He's a super cool chap and the person (aside from my sister) who knows me the best, I think it's a side-effect of so many years of buddy-dom, paired with identical, rather cynical outlooks on life. Plus my parents and grandparents adore the boy, and they're a hard crowd to win over. Today I asked him if I could be his best-man when he gets wed (this is not on the cards, just prior planning), unfortunately that roles already booked out to his older bro, maybe I could be his best woman, hhmmmmmm. He's fo'sur gonna be on of my bridemaids (or bridesmen).



Frankie & the Heartstrings - Everybody look better in the right light (2011)

I stumbled across these guys through the Made in Chelsea Spotify playlist I subscribe to, I initially heard this track then explored their 2011 Hunger album. I really like the American retro feel of Everybody, and the rest of their stuff doesn't disappoint, it has an amazing Elvis Costello feel, which is never a bad thing. Pretty decent... I say in a very understated, bourgeoisie way, I really mean THEY ARE BLOOMING BRILLIANT, GET LISTENING!


Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Rock'n'roll and all things cool.

Vintage indie music is a particular passion of mine. Combined with the snappy brand of fashion it inspires, edgy, iconic and provocative, fashion and music sit hand-in-hand in an arena of creative innovation.

Today the weather was rather grim, deterring me from my original style choices of boucle wool shorts and a crisp white shirt. It's time like these when I reach for a pair of Topshop skinnies and one of my many luxury basics. Sprinkled with some jazzy neck-candy and blood-red lips, here's today's ensemble.

Now here's where I get all Art-Attack-excited and talk about my DIY rock tee creation. I found the Robert Smith t-shirt transfer on eBay, grabbed a plain white boy-tee, hacked off the sleeves and brought out the iron. It was ├╝ber simple, although I think it's wise to mention that these kind of transfers don't wash very well and can become slightly cracked and tatty through wear, however I think this adds to the cool vintage look. My necklace is quite an old Primark special, at the time it was a copy of some D&G jewels I was particularly enamoured with. I love the chunkyness and weight behind the piece, the rich golds, ivories and jet blacks are gorgeously decadent. My Topshop Jamie jeans in washed indigo and vintage lace-up booties complete the look.

Band tee: My own production
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Vintage
Necklace: Primark
Watch & bracelets as before


Monday, 27 August 2012


Fully embracing the excellent autumn/winter season to come, have already selected a killer piece of winter-appropriate outerwear (the one and only Allsaints Alpha Coat, tres chic), began amassing a collection of knits and reacquainted myself with the rather fabulous studded leather biker jacket (Allsaints of course) I scored last year while living in London. Aside from the arrival of my fav season (June and July you ain't got sh*t on November and December), something else epic has graced us with it's presence... The Allsaints A/W 12-13 wardrobe launch. Basically defined as cool clothes for cool kids, as a humble employee of a kick-ass brand, I get a uniform allowance, acquainting me with the delights of gorgeous premium fashion without the continual damage to my bank balance. Sweet is a word I would apply. Here's my first look of the season, just a bit smitten.

Starting with the boots (as they are amazing), these are the Black Hessian Boots. Crafted from fine leather, the boot is a modern Chelsea style with a 3inch block heel and silver zip. Possibly the most hard-working boot I am ever likely to own, these bad-boys literally rock any ensemble, I'm talking skinnies, dresses, skirts... lacy black undies, comprehend? Next jeans, all hail the Petrel Brodie in Jet Black, the sexiest skinny jean on the block. I LOVE these jeans. The cut is super-skinny and sharp, the high-shine wax effect is beyond cool and the ankle zips edgy yet utilitarian. The shirt is made of Japanese Polyester, FYI it's more expensive than silk and feels like a dream on my skin. Named the Solstice shirt, I adore this beautifully slick design in a milky shade of ivory. Tucked in and buttoned up, the cool androgynous style is right up my street, teamed with the rocky hardness of the shiny denim and statement boots. Killer ensemble.

Aforementioned items: Allsaints AW12-13
Army jacket: Primark
Nails: Nails Inc

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Khaki army jacket: Primark
Neon jumper: Topshop
Jeans: Jamie, Topshop
Sneakers: Allsaints
Cross chain: Topshop
Watch & bracelets as before

One does have to wonder the general purpose of a bank holiday. Yes it equals a 3 day weekend followed by a 4 day working week, it also usually advocates copious alcohol consumption and extremely optimistic apparel choices, but aside from that I fail to share the general consensus. Now this maybe to do with the fact I'm at home, alone on a bank holiday Sunday evening, rather than my usual pursuit of raving it up at Courtyard (a legendary "courtyard" party held by two of Leeds' most campest gay bars), but let's not be cynical. Bank holidays seem to equate to excess, followed by the required time to recover from that aforementioned excess. Something my newly matured mind fails to appreciate, also the boy BFF and life-long raving partner is otherwise disposed and unable to come adventuring tonight. I however consider the latter with very little consequence to my current view point.

And to the fashion. Today required very little from me, decor shopping, visiting the great and good of our ageing relatives and experiencing some fine examples of indie cinema with the papa. Hence the high top-knot, bare-face except for lipgloss, extremely voluptuous knitwear and designer sneaks. Life is good when simplicity reigns supreme. And with that cornerstone of philosophy I leave you.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Top: Zara
Jeans: Jamie, Topshop
Boots: Allsaints
Necklace: New Look
Watch: Folli Follie
Leather bracelets: Pandora & H&M

By some odd swing of luck, today was gloriously sunny with a gorgeous cooling breeze. It did not rain or snow (this has been known to happen in Yorkshire), hail or shower, or even blow a gust. When coupled with the fact it was my mid-week day-off and I had plans to kick it with my ultimate BFF, my sister, Bethany, Wednesday, 22nd August 2012 had potential to be a cracking day.

We (the Innes daughters, or Chalk and Cheese as our friends call us) hit Leeds for some light retail adventuring followed by what can only be described as a feast of a late-afternoon-lunching. I love shopping with my sister because she is actually devoid of snobbery, she has absolutely no qualms about delving into the Primark sale-rail or journeying into the depths of the market to discover the best costume jeweller in the city. To put it simply, she just ain't arsed. This is an admirable quality, one I wish I embraced more. Unfortunately I'm a slight fashion-snob, I like my shops size-ordered and minimal, clean and un-cluttered. Places like TK Maxx are actual hell to me, I fail to see the positive in mountains of previous season clobber, that incidentally the brand couldn't shift and so has been sold on at a knock-down price to a fashion flea market. Apologies to those who I may offend, this is just how I am. I need shopping to be stress-free and calming and if it's not, then quite frankly I'm heading for the nearest mode of public transport and getting my arse home. Holla. So back to the initial reasoning behind the above pros, my sister is what one may refer to as a bargain hunter/gatherer. And when I said I need some new gym apparel, she knew exactly where to take me... Yeah, she took me to Sports Direct and I f*cking hated it. I did however score some really cool running gear at a fraction of the original price, however I'm still weighing up the saving against the years it took of my life attempting to navigate that car-boot sale of a sports shop. Maybe I am a snob. Oh dear.

Post sporting-goods-hell we went to The Slug and Lettuce for late lunch, sweet potato salad, a enormousness mezze platter and two pecan and caramel tarts. I remain stuffed 6 hours later. It was amazing though and the perfect setting to have a good natter and generally enjoy each others company. My sister's a complete babe and my best friend. We may be ridiculously different in appearance, ambition, mentality etc but we're essential identical in most ways. Plus we have the same rocking mother and papa, basically meaning we're a pair of cool cats. 


Sunday, 19 August 2012


The Fellow autumn/winter 2012-13

This is a super-snappy post, so let's get down to it. Here are the ad designs for the premium menswear brand, The Fellow, I developed for my Final Major Project at university. The concept, look and identity is entirely my own work, for which I developed the brand, wrote the handbook and communications strategy, styled the shoots and generally instigated project genius. I was nobly rewarded a First Class for my efforts, possibly my crowning educational glory. Here are the adverts I designed, using the photography my amazing friend, Andrew Whiting shot for me, with the help of other amazing companion, Thom Williams, as model. The concept bases all around presenting a face of the brand, an identity who embodies 'The Fellow'. A character who's look not only illustrates the style of 'The Fellow' but also is a cultural figure of refinement, intelligence and brutal honesty. Your thoughts are most definitely welcome, so tell me what you think!


Friday, 17 August 2012


The Black Keys - Next Girl (2010)

These guys rock, like hard. Brothers, the sixth studio album (and my favourite) from the duo is undoubtedly excellent, all angst-ie guitar rifts, heavy drum sets and raspy vocals. Ownership is integral to ones grade of cool.



Army Jacket: Primark
Dress: Primark
Boots: Clarks
Wrist band: H&M
Chain & pendant: Vintage
Ring: Topshop
Watch as before

Today was what one might call uneventful. Apart from nursing my sister through a particularly spectacular hangover and hanging some cool baroque-style picture frames in my newly decorated bedroom, I didn't do much. I had envisioned a brisk shopping foray then lunch on the Calls (hence the city-chic ensemble), however procrastination seemed infection today in the parental nest and so myself, the sibling and papa spent the majority of the afternoon chilling, drinking tea and watching excellent British cinema.

Submarine is a film I had been meaning to check out for ages, the words 'Alex Turner' and 'Original Soundtrack' caught me instantly hook-line-and-sinker. However the DVD was purchased and somewhat mislaid/forgotten, I unearthed it during the moving process and kept it handy for when the appropriate moment arrived. Hence today's cinema afternoon. Now I'll admit I'm what one might call a film buff, I just LOVE movies, which means I'm no stranger to the more obscure side of cinema and fully willing to appreciate a films more odder qualities. This could be applied to Submarine. I think people would consider it slow going, but that tempo provided the perfect foundation for the intelligent, sharp humour that continued to be quietly introduced to the viewer. Genius moments of hilarity were frequent, appearing from nowhere, understated and completely amazing. It was truly laugh-out-loud funny, even my cynical teenage sister was howling. A testament of a brilliant script indeed. If you haven't seen it, seriously what the hell are you doing? Go buy a copy, like NOW.


Images: Submarine (2010)

Thursday, 16 August 2012


 Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Primark
Boots: Allsaints
Rings & Chain: H&M & Topshop

Slightly delayed as I originally envisioned publishing this post last night but was somewhat way-layed with an impromptu trip to the golden's (grandparents). We walked in the door and were met by the sweet scent of grannies cooking, it would take a better woman than me to say no to my grannies Yorkshire puds and winter stew, plus she had a freshly baked cream cake for afters. AMAZING.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Back to the purpose of the post. My look from yesterday, donned to move the last of my belongings from my old university house. In reflection it possibly wasn't the best attire for what did become a a day of cleaning, lifting and generally immersing oneself in labour. Scrubbing the oven in a printed silk shirt was possibly misguided, as were the functionality of my tiny denim cut-offs. The shirt is a new find from the Trend department of H&M, how Prada is the gorgeous 1970's inspired print? So retro-cool. Shorts as seen in a previous shopping post, a steal from Primark at just £10, paired with a vintage tan plaited leather belt, a mix of H&M jewellery and Allsaints Rustic ankle boots. Standard summer apparel.

Once all cleaned and cleared I handed my keys back over to me lovely landlady, Jeanne. It was strange saying goodbye to the rooms that have witnessed such crucial points of my final year at university, far too many all-nighters, desperate calls home, break-downs and celebrations and of course epic drunken merriment. Handing over my keys definitely felt like the end of that part of my life, it was strange. When I went to university I was 18 and now I'm a graduate at 22. Very odd. At the risk of bordering on mushy sentiment, yesterday felt like the end of an extremely colourful and enlightening chapter. Something I'm possibly hesitant to give up. Being a graduate is cracking but I sometimes wonder if it feels rather demanding and something laced with pressure. I'm confident I know where I'm going and have the belief I'm capable of reaching my goals but sometimes apprehension can play havoc with aspiration. However I do wonder if maybe it's a double-edged sword, apprehension is after all the perfect cure to arrogance and pride. Holy SH*T I just got very philosophical and you guys thought you were simply checking out a standard style post. Apologies folks :)


Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Dress: River Island
Shoes: Rustic Boots, Allsaints
Clutch Bag: Zara
Chain & Rings: Topshop

I feel the need to specify a content definition before continuing this post. Leeds (my stomping ground) is home to a variety of scenes and night-time destinations, we have student hang-outs around Headingley and the top end of town, the financial play-ground of Greek Street, lower Briggate, home of the gay quarter and much camp fun and finally Call Lane, when the trendy young-proff's play. I probably go out on Call Lane at least once a week, it's a particular haunt of the Allsaints gang, we're extremely well know for our drinking prowess and impressive social skills. I like the relaxed, yet stylish vibe of Call Lane, everyone is familiar and super friendly, the food is great (ALWAYS HEAD TO NORMAN'S), the cocktails (Mook 2-4-1) even better and music always appropriately trendy (Jake's Bar, where Blondie is on repeat). As wet as this sounds it feels like home and I'm nothing if not sentimental. Last night this was our destination, and here's the look I rocked.

I wore the printed River Island dip-hem tee dress I referenced in Sunday's post, I couldn't get the monochrome floral printed one I originally wanted so the mother went and picked up the leopard print one on her lunch yesterday and surprised me at work, she's a doll. I think I actually prefer this one anyway, the print is a gorgeous mix of purples, greys and faded blacks. As Call Lane is pretty cas(ual), I teamed the dress with my nude Allsaints Rustic Boots, perfect for dancing and generally being energetically merry without the crippled by 2am scenario. Honestly I haven't been wearing these boots as much as I really should have since scoring them on my S/S 12 uniform, which is a shame because the leather is gorgeously soft and perfectly distressed. Note to self: wear more.
Accessories wise, I grabbed my new beaded Zara clutch, which I LOVE, it's so trendy and ethnic, although I do worry one day I'll damage the beading in the middle of some epic dance-move, but such is life and style comes above sensibility. Finished with a mix of Topshop rings, enamel, gold and pearly stones and a simple cross chain. I never really was one to champion the "let's wear all of our wardrobe at once" look, minimal is more me, simple, smart and laid-back.

I write this with the mother of all hang-overs, currently sat in the back of a taxi on the way to remove the last of my belongings from my final student house. It's gonna get totes emosh, deets in my next post.


Monday, 13 August 2012


How beyond gorgeous are these unbelievably quaint Bruce Weber shots of Mia Wasikowska for the September issue of Vogue. They are just so pretty. Soft focus lenses, fresh rambling county-scapes and endearing heritage fashions, teamed with one of Hollywood's most engaging young things, simply amazing.

Titled "If I take your picture Mia, will you take mine?", the shots captures Wasikowska's tangible brilliance and unmistakable beauty in series of terribly English guises. Sparking images of 1920's Brideshead decadence, hazy summer days spent reading Keats and refined lordly elegance, Weber has devised the most charming back-drop for intimate shots of Alice herself. I am enchanted indeed.