Friday, 13 August 2010

vintage festival at goodwood.

the first vintage festival kicks off this weekend at goodwood, sussex and i for one am green with envy, like full on lime tinged! the festival celebrates 5o years of british cool from the austerity of wartime fashion to the present day, taking a pitt stop in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. the festival will also feature a mixture of retro and modern dj's, bands, collectors, purveyors (whatever they are) and a hoard of stalls selling vintage clothes and records.
it looks amazinggggg and pretty please can i come next year?

here's the link for the festival's website:
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Thursday, 12 August 2010

one last thing, talking heads - "once in a lifetime"

i just couldn't resist, your welcome..

mossy for the cover.

miss moss takes the coveted british vogue cover spot for the september edition. the shoot which is named "the moss factor" and indentifies itself as "kate's spin on prada's fifties inspired collection, a fusion of rock'n'roll flair and classic elegance" was shot by patrick demarchelier under the fashion direction of kate phelan.

the cover looks amazing, moss is on top form, showcasing that impossible balance of tussled
coolness and english elegance, that very unattainable gift that made her the icon she is today.
i wonder though and just before i commit these words to paper (or online blog screen as it were) i will apologise to all the die hard moss fans (including my dear friend, jennifer) for what i am about to say, but is kate just a tad bit over the hill? did vogue's photo editor spend hours retouching moss, polishing out the marks left from a youth of hard-core rock and roll and all nights parties?

or maybe these are just things us mere mortals aren't ever supposed to know, questions like "what is joan collins's real actual age" and "will bruce forsyth ever retire" we may always be left to ponder...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

HURTS - Wonderful Life (Official new version)

my newest music lust.

hurts are my newest music lust, they are amazing.
they're sound has a very 80's feel to it, think pet shops boys and bowie. the music is really atmospheric and super retro, the slow vintage disco and modern electro beats feel new and original, i think they're going to be huge within the indie/dance community.
"wonderful life" is getting loads of airplay at the moment on radio 1 and their album happiness is due for release on 6th september 10, i will obviously be purchasing.

moving away from their music (which seems abit ridiculous as they are in fact a music band and therfore the purpose of this post was to rave about their new sound, but aniway...) and swiftly onto their look, because lets be honest they do look pretty darn cool, don't they?
it's all very retro and reminds me of ian curtis's (joy division) tragic look, very brooding and sharp, quite original and just abit different from the shaggy haired rockers that seem to be swapping the music scene at the moment.

check out this link to an interview with the band on the nme website:

new dress.

this is my latest purchase, isn't it just darrrlingg!
i found it at work (allsaints) in the sale and it was a complete bargin, it was supposed to be £140 and i got it for the brilliant price of £42!!!!!!! i am extremely pleased with my purchase, as i had been coveting it ever since it originally came into my store last season.
i just think it's so beautifully cut and the fabric is gorgeous, it feels really expensive and hopefully looks very over-priced and chic!

as of yet i don't quite fit in to it but i am more than determined to get the zipper up by september, as that's when im going to my mum's accountants ball with her. i think it's the inner boned corset that's my stubbling block at the moment. it's just soooooooooo tight, makes me feel slightly light headed and dizzy, but we all have to make sacrifices for our fashion, so its seems breathing is my main sacrifice in this dress.

here's the link:

Monday, 9 August 2010


i love abit of diy jewellery action. i found these beauties at the flea market over the road from our flat in huddersfield, it generally sells loads of rubbish, brick-a-brack, second hand clothes and, antiques and stuff like that. but it is a complete gold mine for vintage jewellery, i've found so much stuff there over the last year.

i found all these pendents and also some chains at a little stall owned by this proper wheeler-deeler old lady, i get the feeling she dabbles with products that fall off of the back of vans, maybe she drives a morris miner?
i like how mis-matched they all look, truly vintage, i think it's dead cute and i cannot wait until someone enquires where they came from because i will loudly anounce "oh yeh i made them, all by myself!"


having a slight obsession with audrey hepburn is very trendy nowadays, it's like the in thing to do, as well as dressing like alexa chung and pretending to have listened to the kings of leon from their early days when in fact you only first heard them when you heard sex on fire blaring out of your local tacky nightclub speakers.
so to be an original, im going to say now that im not obsessed with audrey hepburn, i just really, really like her films and her style. her look was impeccable, and lets be honest having hubert de givenchy as one of your best mates can't really hurt you style icon status can it?
i have these prints above my bed in my bedroom at home and they are my favourite part of my room, i just think they look so chic and cute, i hope you agree.

a bit of hard labour.

today i started the arduous task of cleaning out my room at the flat in huddersfield, ready to give my keys back to my lovely landlady, jeanne.

i hate cleaning, absolutely detest it, it's just so boring and time consuming and makes me feel severely sorry for the domestic cleaning industry.
aniway moving swiftly on, it didn't take that long and it became quite emotional when i had to hand my keys over, god dammit i loved that penthouse flat.
so this is what i decided to wear for the big domesticity event, some might say, its lacks practicality, i disagree, the man in the corner shop said i looked very smart, why thankyou very much mr scary squint eye and weird smile you made my day (god im sad).
i wore my vintage beyond retro blue and white polka dot tea dress with my mummy's 80's chain belt and my essential grey school socks (that aren't actually the same colour, but who's judging) with my really, really batterd black patent topshop brogues and my tan leather saddle bag that i take everywhere with me. also check out my new london haircut, it's tres exciting, very chic in my opinion, take me to the big smoke now!