Monday, 26 July 2010

gossip girl.

i have been officially obsessed with gossip girl since series two, it was in the first year of uni, while living in halls (hating every minute of the pokey, funny smelling flats and prolonged nights in with the dickhead next door play their violin, yes you know who you are...) flicking through freeview channels that the ad for a new american teen drama, set in the affluent, upper east side of manhattan, flashed onto the newly purchased (thankyou daddy) television screen.
since the gradual decline of the o.c. i was in serious need of a glossy american show to fill the void. even just from the one minute ad i was impressed and looking forward tuesday night at 9pm and my escape into the world of the filthy rich and impeccably dressed.
it's fair so say it was love at first sight, combine my 3 favourite things (chuck bass, high-end designer clobber and the lifestyles of the rich and famous) in a television show and it's obviously going to lead to an obsessed. let me explain.
1. chuck bass, otherwise known as brit actor ed westwick, billionaire playboy and favourite of savile row tailors, is actually the yummiest bachelor known to all humanity. ok so he's slightly rude and possibly emotionally scarred but he's also a billionaire and dresses like an incredibly stylish duke from the 1940's.
2. it doesn't get much more designer that the labels that adorn the back of serena va der woodsen and blair waldorf, i hate to name check but versace, dior, chanel and valentino, you get the idea?
3. yes it's rather sad but why not take a healthy interest into the lives of people that are so amazing so fairytale-esque, it seems like another world. a world of private jets, vip catwalk previews and extended holidays in st. barts.

so four series in and i'm still hooked! i cannot wait for the new series, to be honest my life has felt pretty empty without it, i need a fix and i need it soon, so pretty please mr itv2 can we have the new series a tad bit early?
here's the latest shots from filming and don't they look delicious? i am so, so, so excited!!!!!!!!! (a page of exclamation marks are actually required to express my emotions on the subject).

Saturday, 24 July 2010

flatfourteen look book.

these are the shots from the photoshoot we did for uni just before we finished this year. our task was to produce a brand and put together a look book, i worked with two of my best friends, danielle and jennifer and our brand was called flatfourteen (named after the flat that we lived in). the photographs came out beautifully and i think you will agree our lovely model, laura looks amazing!
the inspiration behind the shoot was british heritage/rural england and we shot in the countryside, just outside castleford. the styling was very subtle, we used natural tones on laura's make-up and pinned her hair into a very loose bun, and i think it looks adorable.
p.s can you believe you have a horse in the shot? how very p.i.m.p of us!

joe bazooka and the bastards.

i went to see my friend, christian's band last night at the elbow room in leeds and they were
a-mazing! the band are called joe bazooka and the bastards (obviously some inspiration behind the name i am as of yet unaware of) and they sound like a cross between the ramones and little man tate, they played a great gig and really got the crowd going, bobbing about to be more specific as trendy types tend to do at indie related events!
i have high hopes for these boys, partly i'll admit because i would love to use the line "oh yeh i knew them when they were just nerdy 11 year olds..." and also because as a group they sound and look great, very cool mod and indie-ish.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Delphic - Counterpoint


delphic are my newest favourite band, they mix indie with electro dance and the sound is amazingly summery and fresh. i love, love, love themmm and their album, acolyte is constantly on repeat on my ipod, its out now so get it dowloaded, you will not be disappointed!

jackie O.

"there are two kinds of women: those who want power in the world, and those who want power in bed..." (never a truer word spoken)

jackie kennedy onassis was truly an original.
a style icon and the "it" girl of her day. a first lady of politcs, glamour and fashion.

her trademark volumised bob, 60's swing coats and oh so lady-like pearl necklaces made her an international style icon and darling of the world's most influencial designers. men wanted to date her (well in polite terms anyway) and women wanted to be her.
katie holmes is the latest actress to take on the role of jackie kennedy in a new interpretation of the kennedys turbulent life in the limelight, the kennedys will be shown on the history channel in 2011 and i cannot wait, i found these early images of shooting on and katie looks amazing, i cannot wait for all the vintage fashion and glamour, it's going to be just darr-ling!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

maggie rules, does she?

this months tatler magazine features an article by andrew roberts detailing the rise of the newest vintage tory trend, the iron lady is apparently well and truly back.
maggie thatcher, former british prime minister and out and out women of steel seems to be having a revivial, not only has maggie's (brainchild of bar owners charlie gilkes and duncan stiriling) just opened to rave review but with the newly elected (well half anyway) conservative government seems to be adopting certain thatcher traits and tactics, it seems never has there been a better time to celebrate (well thats debatable) the institution that was maggie thatcher.

the article talks about maggie's years in power, her triumphs and her downfalls and her most controversial policies as well are interviewing 4 thatcher children born during the years of her administration.

i think this particular topic is really interesting, where i'm from maggie thatcher is a name that you say in hushed tones or don't say at all unless you want an ear bashing, detailing all the reasons why thatcher runined this country.
personally living in yorkshire its hard not to have at least a basic knowledge of the miners strikes and general strikes of the 1980's, round here opinion is pretty bias, and for good reason i will add but i can't help but admire the determination and shear grit of this monumental women (and her rather bowl like head of hair).

my wellington boot.

you like my wellington boot necklace charm my mummy and daddy gave me for my 20th birthday? how cute is it, its simple adorable!
could my parents have found a more apt present for me, my tweed and bottle green wellington boots are one of my prized possessions, so the charm is perfect and constantly makes me smile. it reminds me of all the hilarious trouble we got up to at leeds fest last year and the brilliant music we raved to.
long may the wellington boot reign, in the rain.

stone for klein.

have you seen the lara stone shots for calvin klein jeans?
they are pretty god damn amazing.

when i first heard that "it girl" and wife of funny man david walliams, lara stone was to become the new face of calvin klein jeans and calvin klein collections, i did wonder. did she have it in her to produce photographs that would dismiss any kate moss comparisons? did she in fact even have the effortless cool that just seems to seep of out every pore of miss moss's entire body?
lets be honest the ck jeans campaign was the platform from which kate moss became the icon of 90's drug chic, it took her from virtually unknown cute croydon girl to international sex symbol and supermodel, so to say that kate owned the calvin klein jeans campaign is a slight understatement.
i feel like im moving away from the initial point of this post, i'll get back on track.
so lara stone, new face of calvin klein...

i think the images are stunning, they look edgey, dangerous and undeniably cool. the black and blood red look great together combined with the vintage photography style, it screams 1980's american rock-chic and i love it! well done lara, i'm impressed.

train doodles.

my poor copy of the london evening standard took quite a battering on the train journey home last night, its a wonder what you can do with a black ink pen and 2 hours of pure train related boredom.
i heart the paul weller pic, he still looks a complete rockstar at 50 odd, wannabee's take note.

Monday, 19 July 2010

one last thing.

right so i'm just about to go to bed, an early night is required for big smoke house hunting, but before i do i have one last post in me...

i absolutely adore david bowie, i always have, his music has been clogging up my ipod for years and i'll no doubt be bopping away to it tomorrow on the train, my favourite songs are ziggy stardust and life of mars, he is plainly and simply a complete genius and i heart this black and while print, perfect addition to my dream house.

'Say You Don't Want It' Official Video featuring Emma Watson - One Night...

say you don't want this.

i have two massive crushes...
one. the devilously delicious, silver fox that is george lamb
two. rockstar/runway hottie, george craig

g.lamb is my adult, lady-like crush and g.craig is my rock chick, groupie crush, while i hope that g.lamb will rock my boat for many a year to come, g.craig is my 20 something girlie obsession of the moment. i am convinced that we would make a perfect couple, fact!

well aniway it seems that gorgeous georgie has found his british belle already and even i have to admit she's a keeper, the beautiful emma watson.
the burberry beauty features in one night only's new video for "say you don't want this", effortlessly looking shabby chic running about town the pair look adorable together, weep, weep...

i really like the song its very trendy and very typically british indie, not bad at all, here's the video, check it out while i weep my obsession away...

house hunting.

owhhhhh thats where i live, i wish...
hello my dear's, apologies for my prelonged vacation.

its been extremely hectic lately, i've finally handed my notice in at allsaints, (it was rather tear stained and crumpled) so just a month to go. weep, weep... and the big smoke house hunt has well and truly kicked off (something tells me its going to be a marathon of a trek, so wish me luck!).

i'm getting up bright and ridiculously early in the morning (well before 8am, shocking i know!) to board the leeds - london kings cross express, to view a jumble of over-priced squats, while the estate agent reminds me of its stunning panoramic views (of blocks of flats), easy assesability and rustic architectural features.