Friday, 13 August 2010

vintage festival at goodwood.

the first vintage festival kicks off this weekend at goodwood, sussex and i for one am green with envy, like full on lime tinged! the festival celebrates 5o years of british cool from the austerity of wartime fashion to the present day, taking a pitt stop in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. the festival will also feature a mixture of retro and modern dj's, bands, collectors, purveyors (whatever they are) and a hoard of stalls selling vintage clothes and records.
it looks amazinggggg and pretty please can i come next year?

here's the link for the festival's website:
images source :

Thursday, 12 August 2010

one last thing, talking heads - "once in a lifetime"

i just couldn't resist, your welcome..

mossy for the cover.

miss moss takes the coveted british vogue cover spot for the september edition. the shoot which is named "the moss factor" and indentifies itself as "kate's spin on prada's fifties inspired collection, a fusion of rock'n'roll flair and classic elegance" was shot by patrick demarchelier under the fashion direction of kate phelan.

the cover looks amazing, moss is on top form, showcasing that impossible balance of tussled
coolness and english elegance, that very unattainable gift that made her the icon she is today.
i wonder though and just before i commit these words to paper (or online blog screen as it were) i will apologise to all the die hard moss fans (including my dear friend, jennifer) for what i am about to say, but is kate just a tad bit over the hill? did vogue's photo editor spend hours retouching moss, polishing out the marks left from a youth of hard-core rock and roll and all nights parties?

or maybe these are just things us mere mortals aren't ever supposed to know, questions like "what is joan collins's real actual age" and "will bruce forsyth ever retire" we may always be left to ponder...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

HURTS - Wonderful Life (Official new version)

my newest music lust.

hurts are my newest music lust, they are amazing.
they're sound has a very 80's feel to it, think pet shops boys and bowie. the music is really atmospheric and super retro, the slow vintage disco and modern electro beats feel new and original, i think they're going to be huge within the indie/dance community.
"wonderful life" is getting loads of airplay at the moment on radio 1 and their album happiness is due for release on 6th september 10, i will obviously be purchasing.

moving away from their music (which seems abit ridiculous as they are in fact a music band and therfore the purpose of this post was to rave about their new sound, but aniway...) and swiftly onto their look, because lets be honest they do look pretty darn cool, don't they?
it's all very retro and reminds me of ian curtis's (joy division) tragic look, very brooding and sharp, quite original and just abit different from the shaggy haired rockers that seem to be swapping the music scene at the moment.

check out this link to an interview with the band on the nme website:

new dress.

this is my latest purchase, isn't it just darrrlingg!
i found it at work (allsaints) in the sale and it was a complete bargin, it was supposed to be £140 and i got it for the brilliant price of £42!!!!!!! i am extremely pleased with my purchase, as i had been coveting it ever since it originally came into my store last season.
i just think it's so beautifully cut and the fabric is gorgeous, it feels really expensive and hopefully looks very over-priced and chic!

as of yet i don't quite fit in to it but i am more than determined to get the zipper up by september, as that's when im going to my mum's accountants ball with her. i think it's the inner boned corset that's my stubbling block at the moment. it's just soooooooooo tight, makes me feel slightly light headed and dizzy, but we all have to make sacrifices for our fashion, so its seems breathing is my main sacrifice in this dress.

here's the link:

Monday, 9 August 2010


i love abit of diy jewellery action. i found these beauties at the flea market over the road from our flat in huddersfield, it generally sells loads of rubbish, brick-a-brack, second hand clothes and, antiques and stuff like that. but it is a complete gold mine for vintage jewellery, i've found so much stuff there over the last year.

i found all these pendents and also some chains at a little stall owned by this proper wheeler-deeler old lady, i get the feeling she dabbles with products that fall off of the back of vans, maybe she drives a morris miner?
i like how mis-matched they all look, truly vintage, i think it's dead cute and i cannot wait until someone enquires where they came from because i will loudly anounce "oh yeh i made them, all by myself!"


having a slight obsession with audrey hepburn is very trendy nowadays, it's like the in thing to do, as well as dressing like alexa chung and pretending to have listened to the kings of leon from their early days when in fact you only first heard them when you heard sex on fire blaring out of your local tacky nightclub speakers.
so to be an original, im going to say now that im not obsessed with audrey hepburn, i just really, really like her films and her style. her look was impeccable, and lets be honest having hubert de givenchy as one of your best mates can't really hurt you style icon status can it?
i have these prints above my bed in my bedroom at home and they are my favourite part of my room, i just think they look so chic and cute, i hope you agree.

a bit of hard labour.

today i started the arduous task of cleaning out my room at the flat in huddersfield, ready to give my keys back to my lovely landlady, jeanne.

i hate cleaning, absolutely detest it, it's just so boring and time consuming and makes me feel severely sorry for the domestic cleaning industry.
aniway moving swiftly on, it didn't take that long and it became quite emotional when i had to hand my keys over, god dammit i loved that penthouse flat.
so this is what i decided to wear for the big domesticity event, some might say, its lacks practicality, i disagree, the man in the corner shop said i looked very smart, why thankyou very much mr scary squint eye and weird smile you made my day (god im sad).
i wore my vintage beyond retro blue and white polka dot tea dress with my mummy's 80's chain belt and my essential grey school socks (that aren't actually the same colour, but who's judging) with my really, really batterd black patent topshop brogues and my tan leather saddle bag that i take everywhere with me. also check out my new london haircut, it's tres exciting, very chic in my opinion, take me to the big smoke now!

Monday, 26 July 2010

gossip girl.

i have been officially obsessed with gossip girl since series two, it was in the first year of uni, while living in halls (hating every minute of the pokey, funny smelling flats and prolonged nights in with the dickhead next door play their violin, yes you know who you are...) flicking through freeview channels that the ad for a new american teen drama, set in the affluent, upper east side of manhattan, flashed onto the newly purchased (thankyou daddy) television screen.
since the gradual decline of the o.c. i was in serious need of a glossy american show to fill the void. even just from the one minute ad i was impressed and looking forward tuesday night at 9pm and my escape into the world of the filthy rich and impeccably dressed.
it's fair so say it was love at first sight, combine my 3 favourite things (chuck bass, high-end designer clobber and the lifestyles of the rich and famous) in a television show and it's obviously going to lead to an obsessed. let me explain.
1. chuck bass, otherwise known as brit actor ed westwick, billionaire playboy and favourite of savile row tailors, is actually the yummiest bachelor known to all humanity. ok so he's slightly rude and possibly emotionally scarred but he's also a billionaire and dresses like an incredibly stylish duke from the 1940's.
2. it doesn't get much more designer that the labels that adorn the back of serena va der woodsen and blair waldorf, i hate to name check but versace, dior, chanel and valentino, you get the idea?
3. yes it's rather sad but why not take a healthy interest into the lives of people that are so amazing so fairytale-esque, it seems like another world. a world of private jets, vip catwalk previews and extended holidays in st. barts.

so four series in and i'm still hooked! i cannot wait for the new series, to be honest my life has felt pretty empty without it, i need a fix and i need it soon, so pretty please mr itv2 can we have the new series a tad bit early?
here's the latest shots from filming and don't they look delicious? i am so, so, so excited!!!!!!!!! (a page of exclamation marks are actually required to express my emotions on the subject).

Saturday, 24 July 2010

flatfourteen look book.

these are the shots from the photoshoot we did for uni just before we finished this year. our task was to produce a brand and put together a look book, i worked with two of my best friends, danielle and jennifer and our brand was called flatfourteen (named after the flat that we lived in). the photographs came out beautifully and i think you will agree our lovely model, laura looks amazing!
the inspiration behind the shoot was british heritage/rural england and we shot in the countryside, just outside castleford. the styling was very subtle, we used natural tones on laura's make-up and pinned her hair into a very loose bun, and i think it looks adorable.
p.s can you believe you have a horse in the shot? how very p.i.m.p of us!

joe bazooka and the bastards.

i went to see my friend, christian's band last night at the elbow room in leeds and they were
a-mazing! the band are called joe bazooka and the bastards (obviously some inspiration behind the name i am as of yet unaware of) and they sound like a cross between the ramones and little man tate, they played a great gig and really got the crowd going, bobbing about to be more specific as trendy types tend to do at indie related events!
i have high hopes for these boys, partly i'll admit because i would love to use the line "oh yeh i knew them when they were just nerdy 11 year olds..." and also because as a group they sound and look great, very cool mod and indie-ish.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Delphic - Counterpoint


delphic are my newest favourite band, they mix indie with electro dance and the sound is amazingly summery and fresh. i love, love, love themmm and their album, acolyte is constantly on repeat on my ipod, its out now so get it dowloaded, you will not be disappointed!

jackie O.

"there are two kinds of women: those who want power in the world, and those who want power in bed..." (never a truer word spoken)

jackie kennedy onassis was truly an original.
a style icon and the "it" girl of her day. a first lady of politcs, glamour and fashion.

her trademark volumised bob, 60's swing coats and oh so lady-like pearl necklaces made her an international style icon and darling of the world's most influencial designers. men wanted to date her (well in polite terms anyway) and women wanted to be her.
katie holmes is the latest actress to take on the role of jackie kennedy in a new interpretation of the kennedys turbulent life in the limelight, the kennedys will be shown on the history channel in 2011 and i cannot wait, i found these early images of shooting on and katie looks amazing, i cannot wait for all the vintage fashion and glamour, it's going to be just darr-ling!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

maggie rules, does she?

this months tatler magazine features an article by andrew roberts detailing the rise of the newest vintage tory trend, the iron lady is apparently well and truly back.
maggie thatcher, former british prime minister and out and out women of steel seems to be having a revivial, not only has maggie's (brainchild of bar owners charlie gilkes and duncan stiriling) just opened to rave review but with the newly elected (well half anyway) conservative government seems to be adopting certain thatcher traits and tactics, it seems never has there been a better time to celebrate (well thats debatable) the institution that was maggie thatcher.

the article talks about maggie's years in power, her triumphs and her downfalls and her most controversial policies as well are interviewing 4 thatcher children born during the years of her administration.

i think this particular topic is really interesting, where i'm from maggie thatcher is a name that you say in hushed tones or don't say at all unless you want an ear bashing, detailing all the reasons why thatcher runined this country.
personally living in yorkshire its hard not to have at least a basic knowledge of the miners strikes and general strikes of the 1980's, round here opinion is pretty bias, and for good reason i will add but i can't help but admire the determination and shear grit of this monumental women (and her rather bowl like head of hair).

my wellington boot.

you like my wellington boot necklace charm my mummy and daddy gave me for my 20th birthday? how cute is it, its simple adorable!
could my parents have found a more apt present for me, my tweed and bottle green wellington boots are one of my prized possessions, so the charm is perfect and constantly makes me smile. it reminds me of all the hilarious trouble we got up to at leeds fest last year and the brilliant music we raved to.
long may the wellington boot reign, in the rain.

stone for klein.

have you seen the lara stone shots for calvin klein jeans?
they are pretty god damn amazing.

when i first heard that "it girl" and wife of funny man david walliams, lara stone was to become the new face of calvin klein jeans and calvin klein collections, i did wonder. did she have it in her to produce photographs that would dismiss any kate moss comparisons? did she in fact even have the effortless cool that just seems to seep of out every pore of miss moss's entire body?
lets be honest the ck jeans campaign was the platform from which kate moss became the icon of 90's drug chic, it took her from virtually unknown cute croydon girl to international sex symbol and supermodel, so to say that kate owned the calvin klein jeans campaign is a slight understatement.
i feel like im moving away from the initial point of this post, i'll get back on track.
so lara stone, new face of calvin klein...

i think the images are stunning, they look edgey, dangerous and undeniably cool. the black and blood red look great together combined with the vintage photography style, it screams 1980's american rock-chic and i love it! well done lara, i'm impressed.

train doodles.

my poor copy of the london evening standard took quite a battering on the train journey home last night, its a wonder what you can do with a black ink pen and 2 hours of pure train related boredom.
i heart the paul weller pic, he still looks a complete rockstar at 50 odd, wannabee's take note.

Monday, 19 July 2010

one last thing.

right so i'm just about to go to bed, an early night is required for big smoke house hunting, but before i do i have one last post in me...

i absolutely adore david bowie, i always have, his music has been clogging up my ipod for years and i'll no doubt be bopping away to it tomorrow on the train, my favourite songs are ziggy stardust and life of mars, he is plainly and simply a complete genius and i heart this black and while print, perfect addition to my dream house.

'Say You Don't Want It' Official Video featuring Emma Watson - One Night...

say you don't want this.

i have two massive crushes...
one. the devilously delicious, silver fox that is george lamb
two. rockstar/runway hottie, george craig

g.lamb is my adult, lady-like crush and g.craig is my rock chick, groupie crush, while i hope that g.lamb will rock my boat for many a year to come, g.craig is my 20 something girlie obsession of the moment. i am convinced that we would make a perfect couple, fact!

well aniway it seems that gorgeous georgie has found his british belle already and even i have to admit she's a keeper, the beautiful emma watson.
the burberry beauty features in one night only's new video for "say you don't want this", effortlessly looking shabby chic running about town the pair look adorable together, weep, weep...

i really like the song its very trendy and very typically british indie, not bad at all, here's the video, check it out while i weep my obsession away...

house hunting.

owhhhhh thats where i live, i wish...
hello my dear's, apologies for my prelonged vacation.

its been extremely hectic lately, i've finally handed my notice in at allsaints, (it was rather tear stained and crumpled) so just a month to go. weep, weep... and the big smoke house hunt has well and truly kicked off (something tells me its going to be a marathon of a trek, so wish me luck!).

i'm getting up bright and ridiculously early in the morning (well before 8am, shocking i know!) to board the leeds - london kings cross express, to view a jumble of over-priced squats, while the estate agent reminds me of its stunning panoramic views (of blocks of flats), easy assesability and rustic architectural features.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

i've been lassoed by my boots.

i love abit of the cowboy boot action. they're my guilty pleasure. i adore them.
and since its finally summer i'm definitely feeling the need to pull on my boots and start walking, around in floral tea dresses and cut off denim shorts.
i found these boots in the vintage store, blue rinse in leeds and have had them for like 3 years now, they kinder still smell abit vintagey, abit like old men really, nice. has anyone else noticed how slim the ankle's are on vintage cowboy boots? did our forefathers have ridiculously skinny ankles opposed to our modern cankles? whatever the reason, i ended up buying some mens boots much to the amusement of the rather hot guy who worked in the shop.
im going to manchester to celebrate my 20th birthday on thursday with my uni girlies to spend copious amounts of money and devote the day to pampering, i'm so excited!
i will of course be donning my boots and channeling my inner hannah montanna/alexa chung.
i'm also guna try and do abit of style spotting on thursday so ill keep you posted on my findings.
(one last cliche) yeeehawwww!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

its wagtastic...

can you remember footballers wives?

it was the millenniums answer to desperate housewives but with a distinctly british twist, it was sexy, stylish and deviously entertaining.

remember tanya fake tanning her arch rival, amber's baby, in an attempt to swap it for her own?
remember chardonnay's death from anorexia, months after her son (who was in fact her brother-in-law, as he was jackie's son, mother to her husband, kyle...phewww!) was revealed to be a hermaphrodite?
remember poor little 5ft 5 darius and his hopeless infactuation with super bitch tanya, funny how her then husband, jason, just happened to fall to his death hours after the couple had renewed their wedding vows wasn't it d-man?

i can remember thursday nights, switching over to itv 1 at 9'oclock and escaping into a world of fast cars, blonde hair extensions and perma-tans, where the women ruled the roost in 6 inch stilettos and skin tight body-cons. the fashion was a-mazing, outrageously tacky and super bling, bling!
my favourite character was amber, a stunning bollywood actress and wife of ace striker, conrad gates. i loved her combination of bright indian style and colour cut with an edge of pure porn star glamour.
looking back now i wonder what the shows stylist was thinking dressing the cast in such creations and what i was thinking adoring every minute of it. the show was epitomised by tanya turner, played by zoe lucker, she was a car-crash style icon, adorned in gucci and versace fearlessly waving the falg for super bitch wags everywhere, but back then she was the coolesr women alive to me. what a strange child i must have been...
so it seems that footballers wives is having a revival and i am whole heartily loving it. it's being shown on sky channel, cbs drama at 10'oclock on weekday nights and i've gotta say its as shamefully entertaining as it was nearly a decade ago, viva le wags!

Monday, 14 June 2010

double denim.

personally i was doubtful this season when the elle catwalk reports informed me that double denim was back. not a look easily achieved, and one that seems to be a favourite with the elderly, wannabee cowboy click that is surprisingly quite popular in my square of yorkshire.

aniways i wasn't entirely ready to commit to head to toe, un-interrupted denim, instead opting for a safer addition of a vintage floral vest. living fully up to the expectations of us "alexa chung, indie girl" types, i of course threw on my leather biker jacket on top, as always i embraced the cliche!

my jacket is way too old and really should be put out to pasture (i feel the same way about bruce forsyth), but i love it so much i doubt i'll ever stop wearing it. my brown leather saddle bag is vintage and has loads of strange things written on the inside, including a quote from nelson mandela and signatures from leeds fest 09. im wearing a vintage wallis floral vest that was once a crazy 80's jumpsuit, a bit too mad for me unfortunately and my fav h&m super-tight skinnies. i work at allsaints so my boots were free part of my work uniform, i love, love, love them and they go with absolutely everything, or maybe they don't and i just look like a dick, either way im not that fussed really.

don't my mums shrubbery boaders look cute.

Friday, 11 June 2010

new cinematic video, im seriously not impressed.

so lady gaga's this global superstar/fashion icon/general weird person and everyone seems to love her at the moment but can i just take a minute and remember what the world was like pre-gaga ... we could watch mtv without the fear of seeing almost naked body parts decorated with crime scene masking tape paraded before our eyes (telephone), we could tuck into the baked delights that are blueberry muffins without having mind-flashes of a certain women "bluffing" with her's (poker face) and we could of course tune into jonathan ross on a friday night without fear of having to watch a pretentious, too-cool-for-school american laugh uncomfortably at the hosts jokes while sipping colourless tea out of a floral teacup and saucer. good times.

im not going to deny that lady gaga's songs aren't amazingly catchy and instant nightclub fav's, yes ive done my favourite gangster girl strut to lovegame, but the matter of the fact is she's just far too controversial and fame hungry for my liking. have you ever heard her speak? sorry let me clarify that one, have you ever heard her speak of anything with any relevence to anything else?
no me neither.

it just all seems abit manufactured and slightly fake, like a record company has combinded everything that is likely to cause a media frenzy and shock the general public and programmed it into one artist. have you seen pictures of gaga before she was famous, when she was just a sucessful song writer? notice how underwhelmingly normal she looks, not sporting the hermit the frog dress there is she?
ill get to my point, in my view her whole fashion icon status is just another thing her record company encouraged to make her newsworthy, because essentially an artist that is constantly in the press sells more records than the one who sits in the corner being quietly brilliant.

the video for gaga's newest single, alejandro seems, well a little bit of style over substance. the song is pretty average really, if any other artist released it would you give it a second glance? because i really wouldn't. obviously the video is as shocking as you would expect from gaga, shamelessly piggy-backing on certain religious themes, that are no doubt going to cause quite a social out-cry, but sorry im not impressed. pvc clad nazi's, really is there any need?

it feels like the epic 8 minute video is trying paint over the fact the song is rather lack-luster and un-imaginative. if gaga's such a visionary, where's the ground breaking musical content?
finally, (because im aware i've been ranting on about this for 4 whole paragraphs) i'm not disputing the fact that gaga's a global superstar and worshipped by millions, and that her songs bar one or two are pretty amazing and yes she is great example of a powerful independent, women but the whole point of this post was to just say how disapponted i was with her latest offering. my advice would be to live up to the media hype she's created for herself with her un-deniable musical talent rather than creating video's that are going to insult half of the inhabitants of planet earth. simple really.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

the festival look.

british summers consist of several important factors for me, copious amounts of pear cider, 1940's tea dresses, trips to devon and festivaling. the latter being the highlight of them all. wherever else is it going to be exceptable to refrain from showering for 4 days while knocking back a trusty tin or 2 of strongbow with your breakfest?

apart from seeing the bands ive been devotedly listening to all winter my favourite part of it all is the festival fashion, i love how people seem to throw their inhibitions out of the window, donning thoses killer wardrobe backbenches that would anywhere else get you tested for insanity. im talking madonna style cone bra's over mohair knitted jumpers and neon meggings (male leggings). my essentials are of course my leather biker jacket, tweed wellies and straw fedora hat (which was taken into the deadmaus tent at leeds fest last year and came back in several small pieces, evidently very rock and roll).

while my festival wardrobe is mainly made up of vintage and retro pieces i found some a-mazing things on, the black studded hunter wellies are killers and have been put on my "if i was a rockstar" wish list.
you can get those beauties at:
hunter festival 2010 tall wellington boots, black, £145.00

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

spring preppyness.

why does the rain entirely inspire me to get extremely eccentrically dressed up? maybe its the fact layers are so much easier to wear when the heavens open.
i absolutley adore the rain, i would even go as far to say rain in my favourite of all british weather conditions, strange i no but i love the smell and how green everything looks once the rain clouds clear, its all fresh and new and utterly delicious!

in an effort to illustrate my mood this afternoon i decided to get all prepped up, edwardian style. brown leather brogues, parisian college satchel, tweed riding jacket complete with brown elbow patches and ridiculously tight h&m skinnies, throw in so oh so essential vintage jewelled relecks and you have my look of the day.
happy hunting...

Monday, 7 June 2010

make me a super.

who hasn't at one point wanted to join the elite and immortal ranks of the supers, those perfect set of girls who effortlessly strut down the catwalks of the world twice a year being the ultimate clothes horses of high fashion. i for one devoted hours of my teenage years, praying for that extra 2 inch of height growth, many a pray started with "please god make me 5ft 7...".

vogue's july edition features an article spanning the history of the supermodel, taking us from those tentative first steps of naomi and her gang to the 90's drug addled chic of miss moss and onto the celebrity supers of the noughties.

my best friend has a slight obsession with the afore mentioned miss moss, to her kate is everything that defines british fashion, she's original and ridiculously cool and essentially an icon. i dnt have that kind of relationship with a super, although i do love karen elson, mainly because she waves the flag for pale skin (oh i've talked about that already today haven't i!) and is married to one of the coolest men in the world, jack white.

the vogue article is a must, so get reading, now enough said about the supers its making me feel particulary average.

the big tan debate.

every summer im faced with the same old predicament, to tan or not to tan?
a glimmer of illusive british sunshine and the nation seems to turn into a hord of taxorexics, desperately seeking that hollywood glow, but do we all really want to look like katie price's oranger sister? or maybe a fhm page regular?

fake tanning feels like a national pastime for us brits, it seems we're skilled operatives in the art of tanning it up, whether we're literally baking on the sun beds or applying a good old dose of rimmel sun shimmer (a product i of course indulge in from time to time, when i feel my inner wag re-surfacing)

so is it a constitutional requirement of every brit to look like a vat of orange juice on legs, does a girl have to apply fake tan to get her pins out in the great british summer, is it ok to rock a dita von tease? or should i be sporting cheryl cole's latest shade of terracotta?

i have pale skin, almost albino colouring, and to be honest i occasionally succumb to the temptation of slapping on the biscuit scented creme, what can i say im only human.

but after much discussion i have decided this summer i'll be ping-ponging from fully fledged member of the jet set to perfectly porcelain, who doesn't love abit of variation anyway!